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Cafeteria Menu

Please print the monthly calendar and circle the days that your child will be purchasing lunch. Please indicate in the box for that day any extra food that will be ordered. Put the name, grade and total due on the lines provided at the top of the form and return with payment to school no later than the third Monday of every month. If school is not in session on a Monday, please return the form and payment on the following school day.

Cost of lunch will be $4.00 plus any extras. For example, 

  • Extra nuggets: 3 chicken nuggets = $.75; 6 chicken nuggets = $1.50
  • Extra hot dog, hamburger, chicken sandwich, or slice of pizza = $1.50
  • Order of soup, side salad, french fries, tator tots, smile fries, or hash browns = $1.00
    (Side orders of these items only available when offered)
  • Beverages (1 comes with your lunch order) see below for extra beverage cost:
    • lemonade, orange drink, or iced tea = $.50
    • water (large) = $.75
    • water (small) = $.50
    • milk = $.60

​Snacks are an additional cost, please see link below for items & cost: