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We joined the St. Stan’s Family this school year and we are so happy that we did. During such a difficult time, filled with so many unknowns, we wanted our three sons to have a stable, loving environment to call home and we have found that at St. Stan’s. Our sons are in Pre-K and Kindergarten and the curriculums are wonderful. We love that they have Art, Gym, STEM, Computer and Religion classes in addition to their normal courses. All of their teachers are so attentive, kind and nurturing. We look forward to taking part in all of the activities that are to come in the future and to see our boys continue to learn and grow as members of the St. Stan’s Family.

The Fraler Family


This story will start with the horrible Pandemic we all have endured since Mid March 2020. We have been blessed with the task of raising our grandson Kurt. He went through the public school system until fifth grade. While in the fifth grade, Kurt experienced poor school work and study habits. This was really highlighted when the Pandemic took everyone to virtual learning.

When faced with starting sixth grade with more virtual learning, we decided to enroll Kurt in St. Stan’s school. The best decision in Kurt’s young life. Kurt’s start at St. Stan’s, to say the least was rocky. His poor study habits, his lack of math skills, and inability to focus resulted in poor grades and no improvement.

Fortunately we had Zoom calls with Mrs. Hodder and the incredible Sixth grade instructors. We were amazed at the dedication the teachers showed to improve Kurt to succeed academically and in his self confidence. The instructors used different methods to help Kurt learn. Kurt has progressed from failing Math and Social Studies to bringing those marks to passing grades of C and beyond.

There are not enough words to express our appreciation to Mrs. Hodder and the Middle School Team. God bless you all.

Greg and Jan Wierzbowski 

When our family first came to St. Stan’s over 7 years ago, it was to take advantage of the great preschool program.  About midway through the Pre-K 4 program it dawned on us that we couldn’t imagine not sending our children to kindergarten and beyond here.  We didn’t want to leave all that St. Stan’s had and was offering us:  the caring teachers, lifelong friends, and a Catholic environment.  It’s the closeness and that extra looking out for one another that sets St. Stan’s apart and makes learning extra special.  The teachers and staff, in conjunction with the parents, all work together to make St. Stan’s a hidden gem that we are thrilled our children are benefiting from!!  We feel blessed to be here. 

Patrick & Amy Williams

I have been and continue to be extremely pleased with Saint Stanislaus Kostka School.
So far, my family has been in attendance for 8 years. Our four children have done wonderfully, not just academically, but I love the spiritual atmosphere as well.  Our faith is so important to me, and I am so happy that Father Ken is so involved with the school. He makes sure the children attend church, Benediction, Rosary, Stations of the Cross and many other important teachings of our faith. What I find especially of value, is the open communication. If I ever have any questions, the teachers, the principal, and office staff have immediately made the time to answer any of those question. Saint Stan's is very family oriented, and has a safe environment.
I remember when I initially went to their open house to consider enrolling my oldest son, along with his younger siblings, that I was concerned, only because he was transferring from another  school. I spoke with the 4th grade teacher at length, who made me feel extremely welcome and at ease. My son and his 3 siblings had no problem making that adjustment. The teachers are very dedicated and are always  willing to give extra help when needed. I commend all who are involved in running a great school. If anybody asks me where my children attend school, I proudly tell them Saint Stan's in Sayreville, and how much I love the school and church. 
Mrs. Lorraine Sokolowski

We are in our 10th year here at St. Stan's. Both our sons started here in pre-k and our oldest is graduating 8th grade this year. If they added a high school, he would certainly stay.
When you hear people talk about the family atmosphere at St. Stan's, it really is so true. Not just for the students either, there is a great sense of community here.
We have watched our children flourish and succeed academically. Just as important, we have seen tem transform into caring and responsible young men.
St. Stan's sets the foundation for strong academics in a good family like Catholic environment. 
Julia and Dave Nieratko

We first visited St. Stans in August 2010, as we were keen to have a good Catholic environment for our son. Fr. Ken took us through the church and school as the principal was not there. He explained the rich tradition and legacy of St. Stan’s. He showed us all the facilities of the school. We felt welcomed by Fr. Ken’s warmth and receptivity. There has been no looking back since then. St. Stan’s offers us everything that we sought for and much more. Learning is fun and at the same time equally challenging. My son has done wonderfully and loves going to school every day. The children are continuously empowered to think and act on their own, yet to keep Christ values in all that they do. We are glad to be a part of the St. Stan’s community. We are waiting to have our younger son join St. Stan’s soon.

Kevin & Queenie Gregory

St. Stan’s is a wonderful school that makes you feel at home from the minute you walk through the door! Our oldest daughter has attended St. Stan’s since Pre-K. She has developed spiritually, academically, and socially with the guidance of the dedicated teaching staff and administration. The class sizes and student to teacher ratio is great and allows for more one on one attention to each student. Our twins now attend Pre-K and love it! Most of all, the school feels like a family. My children feel safe there and enjoy going every day.

Gina and Mike Rispoli

Since my children were in preschool I visited three schools and I don't know if it is the family environment, I only felt comfortable with St. Stans and I still feel the same. If I have to volunteer sometimes it is hard but I do it very happy to know that I am helping the school. I have many positive things to say but specifically Miss Vitale stayed with my children for one extra hour last year as we went on vacation for a week. This was to help them with  their studies. Miss Vitale did not need to do it but she did. 

One extra thing is the lambs club where my son receives extra help. Parents do not have to pay extra for the time and the school does this willingly. These are just two things were St Stans makes a difference.

Monica Krupinski

When it came time for our two boys to begin Kindergarten we visited all the local Catholic schools in the area. All schools we visited appeared to be well equipped however when we toured St Stan's we knew from that moment that we had found the perfect school and home for our children to blossom. We have been part of the school and parish for over five years and each and every day I look back and thank God that we made the choice to enroll our children in St Stan's. You will be hard pressed to find another school that truly cares for each and every one of their students and that will go above and beyond to such a high degree to ensure their success. Coming from a strong educational background it was very important that we felt our children were challenged and ahead of the game with academics. St. Stan's challenged our children to be inquisitive, have a love for learning and how to become critical thinkers. Both of my children flourished academically and personally and St Stan's has been instrumental in providing such a strong foundation that will last a lifetime. Last but not least, we have been blessed to find a second family in St. Stan's and that is priceless.  

The Kloc Family